• Bausele

  • Discover BAUSELE, the watch brand that embodies the adventurous spirit and breathtaking beauty of Australia. Founded in Sydney with a passion for Swiss craftsmanship, BAUSELE timepieces are more than just watches; they're statements of individuality. Each watch incorporates a unique element of Australia, whether it's sand from a pristine beach or a mineral from the Outback, carrying a piece of the continent's essence wherever you go.

    BAUSELE's diverse collections cater to every style and pursuit. Explore the rugged elegance of the OceanMoon series, designed for aquatic adventures with its water resistance and luminous markings. Embrace timeless style with the Endless Sunrise collection, featuring vibrant colors and exquisite details. Or, make a bold statement with limited-edition collaborations, like the Bausele x seconde/seconde/, where art meets watchmaking in a stunning display of perspective. From vintage-inspired field watches to cutting-edge designs, BAUSELE offers a timepiece that reflects your unique personality and love for the extraordinary.
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