• Delma

  • Delma has earned a distinguished reputation in the world of watchmaking due to its unwavering commitment to crafting robust timepieces designed for explorers and adventurers. Founded in 1924, the Swiss watchmaker boasts a rich legacy rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of those who regularly tread off the beaten path. Throughout its extensive history, Delma has been synonymous with exceptional water resistance, a testament to its relentless pursuit of technical innovation and superior craftsmanship.

    Among Delma's most iconic timepiece collections is the Blue Shark line, an enduring symbol of the brand's devotion to creating exceptional dive watches. Each watch within the Blue Shark series seamlessly blends unparalleled underwater performance and rugged styling. These watches boast impressive water resistance capabilities, making them ideal companions for professional divers or weekend enthusiasts seeking to venture into the ocean's depths. Other notable Delma watch lines include the vintage-inspired Quattro, the sophisticated Cayman, and the functional Shell Star–each designed to bring a piece of Delma's heritage and relentless spirit to a variety of tastes and adventures.

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