• Panerai


  • Founded in Florence in 1860, Officine Panerai is an Italian luxury watch manufacturer known for its unique blend of Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship. Originally a supplier to the Italian Navy, Panerai gained widespread recognition for its robust, water-resistant watches designed for extreme conditions. One of the brand's most iconic collections is the Luminor line, which has a distinctive, cushion-shaped case, large luminous numerals, and a patented crown-protecting bridge. These features make the Luminor watches easily recognizable, even from a distance. Designed for durability and high performance, the Luminor collection is crafted to meet the demands of professional divers and watch enthusiasts who seek uncompromising quality and style.

    The Luminor watches from Panerai are a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and function. With features like a power reserve of up to three days and luminous materials for exceptional legibility even in the darkest underwater environments, these watches are engineered to perform at their best when the going gets tough. Whether you're an adventurer, a professional diver, or simply someone who appreciates the perfect amalgamation of Italian style and Swiss precision, a Luminor watch is more than just an accessory. It's a statement piece that embodies a long history of nautical adventure and horological expertise, offering you not just a timekeeping device but a piece of enduring legacy.
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