• Vacheron Constantin


  • Vacheron Constantin's Overseas line embodies the spirit of elegant exploration, seamlessly blending refined aesthetics with the robustness of a true luxury sports watch. The Overseas Self-Winding, with its sleek lines and exquisitely finished Geneva Hallmark movement, exemplifies the collection's versatility and dedication to fine craftsmanship. Its interchangeable strap system allows the wearer to quickly transition between stainless steel, leather, and rubber straps, making it the perfect companion for any occasion.

    Beyond its practical features, the Overseas line showcases Vacheron Constantin's horological mastery and commitment to timeless design. Inspired by the Maltese cross, the collection's iconic bezel and distinctive case shape exude both strength and elegance. The intricate, meticulously finished in-house movements visible through the exhibition caseback highlight Vacheron Constantin's status as one of the world's oldest continuously operating watch manufactures. The Overseas collection is a testament to Vacheron Constantin's ability to balance tradition with a modern, dynamic spirit, making these watches ideal for discerning individuals who seek horological excellence and refined style in a timepiece built for everyday adventures.
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