• Ulysse Nardin


  • The Blast collection from Ulysse Nardin is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence in watchmaking. This line, known for its bold and futuristic design, captures the essence of modern luxury while maintaining the high standards of craftsmanship and precision that Ulysse Nardin is celebrated for. The Blast watches stand out with their strikingly angular cases, open-worked dials, and the use of high-tech materials like titanium and ceramic. These timepieces are not just instruments of timekeeping but also embodiments of avant-garde aesthetics and engineering prowess. The collection includes a range of models, each offering its unique blend of style, functionality, and advanced horological features like tourbillons and automatic winding mechanisms. Designed for the discerning watch enthusiast who appreciates both form and function, the Blast line is a bold statement in the world of luxury watches.

    Ulysse Nardin, the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, has a rich history dating back to 1846. Founded by Ulysse Nardin in Le Locle, Switzerland, the brand quickly gained recognition for its precise marine chronometers, becoming a trusted name among naval commanders and merchant captains. Over the years, Ulysse Nardin has continued to innovate, consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. The brand is known for its commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and its exploration of new technologies and materials. Ulysse Nardin's dedication to excellence is evident in every piece they create, from the intricate mechanisms to the exquisite designs. The Blast collection is a perfect example of this legacy, combining the brand's rich maritime heritage with a forward-thinking approach to design and technology, making Ulysse Nardin watches not just timepieces but symbols of heritage and innovation.
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