• Richard Mille

    RM 74

  • The Richard Mille RM 74 collection represents a harmonious blend of elegance, technical brilliance, and a touch of whimsicality. These timepieces are characterized by their distinctive tonneau-shaped cases and ultra-skeletonized movements. The RM 74-01 offers a captivating display of mechanical artistry, with its in-house automatic tourbillon movement laid bare in breathtaking detail. Its baseplate and bridges, meticulously crafted from grade 5 titanium, provide a solid foundation for this horological masterpiece.

    The RM 74-02, a further evolution, builds upon its predecessor's foundation while introducing a touch of sporty sophistication. Featuring a case crafted from cutting-edge materials like Carbon TPT® and Gold Carbon TPT®, the RM 74-02 exudes a sense of both power and refinement. Its automatic tourbillon caliber is equipped with a variable-geometry rotor, optimizing winding efficiency based on the wearer's activity level. These features embody Richard Mille's approach to watchmaking, where advanced materials and innovative designs redefine the boundaries of traditional luxury. The RM 74 collection stands as a testament to both technical mastery and a relentless pursuit of aesthetic distinction.
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