• Richard Mille

    RM 53

  • Richard Mille's RM 53 line is a testament to both technical prowess and a deep understanding of real-world demands. This series was born out of a collaboration with world-renowned polo player Pablo Mac Donough and epitomizes the brand's dedication to creating timepieces that can withstand incredible forces. The tonneau-shaped cases, often crafted from ultra-strong materials like Carbon TPT®, are engineered to protect the intricate tourbillon movements within from the harsh shocks of a polo match.

    The true marvel of the RM 53 series lies in its innovative cable-suspended movement. Inspired by the design of suspension bridges, the baseplate of the movement is suspended within the case by a network of intricately woven steel cables just 0.27 mm in diameter. This system absorbs and diffuses shock, safeguarding the tourbillon's delicate mechanism. The skeletonized dial and transparent caseback offer an unparalleled view of this technical wonder in action. The RM 53 collection embodies Richard Mille's philosophy of extreme engineering and stands as a symbol of unwavering resilience in the face of extraordinary forces.
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