• Richard Mille

    RM 52

  • The Richard Mille RM 52 collection showcases the brand's mastery of skull-inspired designs while seamlessly integrating technical excellence. The RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams Tourbillon epitomizes this, born from a collaboration with the iconic musician. Its intricate skull-shaped baseplate, crafted from grade 5 titanium, houses a captivating tourbillon movement. The case, available in a range of vibrant colors and cutting-edge materials, further adds to the watch's bold, unconventional aesthetic.

    Beyond its striking design, the RM 52 collection exemplifies Richard Mille's dedication to innovation and technical watchmaking. Skeletonized movements reveal the intricate workings within and are meticulously hand-finished. Use of advanced materials like Carbon TPT® and ceramics ensure exceptional resilience and a lightweight feel. The RM 52 embodies the brand's philosophy of pushing boundaries in both design and mechanics. These are timepieces that cater to a collector seeking the extraordinary, a piece that truly stands apart from traditional watchmaking.
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