• Richard Mille

    RM 27

  • Richard Mille's RM 27 collection, a collaboration with legendary tennis champion Rafael Nadal, embodies the peak of ultra-lightweight sports watches. The RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal stands out as a pinnacle of this series. Its case, crafted from cutting-edge Carbon TPT® and Quartz TPT®, boasts extraordinary shock resistance while maintaining exceptional lightness — essential qualities for a timepiece designed to withstand the rigors of competitive tennis. The in-house tourbillon movement is suspended on a cable-braced structure, further enhancing its ability to absorb impacts.

    The RM 27 line demonstrates Richard Mille's boundless creativity and technical ingenuity. Each watch within the collection pushes the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. From their bold color accents inspired by the vibrant hues of the Spanish flag to their complex, skeletonized movements showcasing meticulous hand-finishing, the RM 27 timepieces are perfect for collectors who demand both high-performance and unwavering avant-garde design. These watches symbolize Richard Mille's pursuit of ultimate synergy between the wearer and the timepiece, where cutting-edge technology meets audacious aesthetics.
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