• Christopher Ward


  • Christopher Ward, known for meticulously crafted watches imbued with a blend of modern technology and timeless aesthetics, presents the remarkable C63 Valour collection. This line stands as the first in the brand's Ministry of Defence-approved Military Collection, paying homage to the valor of all three branches of His Majesty's Armed Forces. At the heart of these exceptional timepieces lies a thermo-compensated quartz movement, ensuring unparalleled accuracy of +/- 10 seconds per year – a crucial feature for those whose work depends on split-second precision. The Valour's reverse-panda dial, a nod to the iconic sports chronographs of the 1960s, provides stopwatch functionality for effortless timing in the field. Each subdial hand aligns with the colors of a particular Service, a subtle yet meaningful tribute.

    The C63 Valour embodies Christopher Ward's unwavering commitment to excellence and function. This retro-inspired chronograph boasts the renowned ETA G10.212 AD COSC quartz movement, a testament to its remarkable precision. The 39mm Light-catcher™ case, meticulously sculpted from marine-grade stainless steel, promises both durability and timeless style. Upon its backplate, you'll find the deeply stamped insignias of the Army, Navy, and RAF, proudly showcasing the Queen's crown in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Designed for versatility, the Valour can be paired with a military-style Webbing strap, the rugged Bader bracelet, or the elegant Consort™ bracelet – all easily interchangeable thanks to Christopher Ward's convenient quick-release system. With water resistance up to 150m, the Valour is a true companion, ready for any adventure.
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