• Christopher Ward

    The Twelve

  • Christopher Ward is a British watchmaker that has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional value and quality within the world of affordable luxury timepieces. Their watches are known for innovative designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and the use of high-quality Swiss movements. The company's commitment to fair, transparent pricing has made them a favorite among enthusiasts seeking exceptional watches without the inflated price tags often associated with traditional watch brands.

    One of their standout recent releases is The Twelve collection. This line of integrated bracelet sports watches represents a significant design evolution for Christopher Ward. Inspired by iconic timepieces of the 1970s from visionary watchmakers like Gérald Genta, The Twelve series offers a distinct blend of sporty ruggedness and refined elegance. Meticulously finished cases featuring a variety of brushed and polished surfaces, textured dials, and a striking dodecagonal (12-sided) bezel lend the watches a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. These watches are available with both steel and lightweight titanium cases, with an assortment of dial colors, and are powered by reliable Swiss-made automatic movements (some even COSC certified). In a world often saturated by homages and imitations, The Twelve offers a refreshing, truly original take on the integrated sports watch.
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