• Christopher Ward


  • Christopher Ward is a British watchmaker that has garnered a loyal following for its commitment to high-quality timepieces at surprisingly accessible prices. Without the traditional retail markup of legacy brands, their focus remains purely on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and in-house design prowess. The Sealander collection embodies this philosophy, blending timeless style with robust engineering suitable for adventurers and everyday wearers alike.

    The Sealander line masterfully straddles the line between dressy elegance and rugged sportiness. The thoughtfully designed cases, available in multiple sizes, boast the brand's signature 'Light-catcher' technology for a blend of brushed and polished surfaces that play beautifully with various lighting conditions. Dials are marvels of legibility, and the Swiss automatic movements within guarantee precision timekeeping for years to come. Whether you gravitate towards the classic Sealander Automatic, the practical Sealander GMT, or the ultra-refined Sealander Elite, you'll find a meticulously crafted companion ready for any occasion.
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