• Christopher Ward


  • Christopher Ward, a British watchmaker known for its exceptional value and in-house movements, expertly blends vintage inspiration with modern watchmaking techniques. Their direct-to-consumer model translates into accessible prices for meticulously crafted timepieces, earning them a loyal following among discerning watch enthusiasts.

    The Aquitaine line stands out as one of Christopher Ward's most refined offerings. This collection pays homage to the iconic dive watches of the 1950s, particularly the groundbreaking Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Featuring a curved sapphire bezel, the Aquitaine exudes understated elegance while maintaining robust functionality. These watches often use Christopher Ward's Light-catcherâ„¢ cases, known for their flowing lines and exceptional comfort on the wrist. Beyond aesthetics, Swiss automatic movements and Christopher Ward's renowned lume ensure reliability and legibility in all conditions. The Aquitaine represents Christopher Ward's dedication to creating beautiful timepieces that seamlessly blend form and function.
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