• Ball Watch Co


  • Ball Watch Co. has carved an enduring niche in the timepiece industry with its rich legacy of producing highly precise and reliable watches. Built on the foundational philosophy of railroad chronometry, Ball watches exemplify exceptional standards of accuracy and durability. At the heart of their collection lies the storied Trainmaster line, a series that serves as both a nostalgic homage to the golden era of American railroads and a contemporary showcase of modern watchmaking expertise.

    The Trainmaster collection embodies the timeless values established by Webb C. Ball, the man who revolutionized railroad timekeeping and became synonymous with unwavering precision. These watches inherit the design aesthetics of classic railroad timepieces, while simultaneously incorporating cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. With elegantly finished cases, beautifully refined dials, and reliable automatic movements, Ball Trainmaster watches seamlessly blend classic refinement with modern functionality. Whether it's the intricate guilloché detailing, the bold Arabic numerals, or the signature micro gas tube illumination, every element in a Trainmaster watch whispers quality and timeless allure, echoing the enduring spirit of an era where accurate timekeeping played a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of railways.
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