• Ball Watch Co


  • A company steeped in horological tradition, Ball Watch Co. is renowned for its dedication to precision and durability. Founded in 1891 with a legacy intertwined with American railroad history, Ball's timepieces became instrumental in shaping railroad timekeeping standards, ensuring safety and accuracy. This meticulous attention to detail continues to drive Ball's watchmaking philosophy, making their timepieces coveted by collectors and adventurers alike.

    Within Ball's diverse offerings lies the Roadmaster collection, a series designed for those who command their journeys. Named in honor of the railroad professionals who maintained the tracks, Roadmaster watches exemplify robustness and functionality. Renowned for their signature micro gas tube luminosity, ensuring superior readability in all conditions, Roadmaster timepieces are built to withstand the rigors of the most demanding environments. This collection showcases Ball's commitment to creating purpose-built tool watches that blend innovative technology with a timeless aesthetic.
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