• Ball Watch Co

    Engineer Master II

  • The Engineer Master II collection from Ball Watch Co. is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to precision and endurance. Crafted for the intrepid, these watches are a beacon of reliability, drawing from a storied heritage that dates back to the 1890s when Webb C. Ball established stringent timekeeping standards for American railroads. The Engineer Master II series embodies this legacy, offering robust timepieces designed to meet the rigorous demands of contemporary explorers. Each model in this line is equipped with features like exceptional shock resistance, advanced anti-magnetic properties, and the signature micro gas tube illumination for which Ball Watch Co. is renowned, ensuring unsurpassed readability in all conditions.

    Ball Watch Co. has long been synonymous with pioneering watchmaking. The Engineer Master II line reflects this innovative spirit, pushing the boundaries of traditional timekeeping. These watches are engineered to withstand the challenges faced in professional fields such as aviation, diving, and railroad operations. With a focus on crafting instruments of high functionality, the Engineer Master II watches come with a variety of complications, from dual time zone displays to chronographs and day-date functions, all encased within materials chosen for their resilience. With this collection, Ball Watch Co. continues to set the bar for what's possible, offering a range of watches that aren't just accessories but indispensable tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
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