• Ball Watch Co

    Engineer II

  • The Engineer II series from BALL Watch Co. epitomizes the fusion of the brand's storied history with modern innovation. As a collection, the Engineer II watches are designed for those who appreciate a blend of classic aesthetics with contemporary features. Each timepiece within this line is an homage to the pioneering spirit of Webb C. Ball, the founder, who set the standard for timekeeping in the American railroad industry. BALL Watch Co.'s commitment to accuracy under adverse conditions is reflected in the Engineer II models, which boast robust construction, magnetic resistance, and the signature luminosity that BALL is renowned for. From the sleek Navigator to the adventurous Ohio, each watch is crafted to honor the legacy of dependable and precise timekeeping that is synonymous with the BALL name.

    BALL Watch Co., established in 1891, has long been associated with rugged reliability and an unwavering dedication to quality. The Engineer II watches continue this tradition by incorporating the brand’s patented technologies, such as the anti-shock system and self-powered micro gas lights for unparalleled dial readability. These watches are not only instruments of precision but also pieces of history, encapsulating over a century of horological expertise. With varied designs that cater to different tastes, the Engineer II series offers a watch for every enthusiast - from the professional requiring a tool watch to the collector seeking a piece with a rich heritage. True to the BALL Watch Co.'s philosophy, the Engineer II line is where form meets function in the realm of fine watchmaking.
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